Interview: Madison Michael, author of OUR LOVE IS HERE TO STAY

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Why did you choose to write in your particular field or genre?

Initially I started writing romance because it was winter in Chicago. Seriously. I was afraid of cabin fever, so I signed up for two online classes – ‘Beginner Spanish’ and ‘How to Write a Romance Novel’. Sadly I didn’t get past Buenos Dias in Spanish class, but the writing stuck. I stayed with romance once I started there because I love reading romances, I love writing happy endings and steamy sex and because the fans are the best anywhere.

What do you think most characterizes your writing?

Chicago settings, elite society, smart, successful characters and hot sex and food. I like to write about food.

What do you like to read in your free time?

Like most author/entrepreneurs, my initial response is to ask “what free time?” In truth, I do take time every week for friends and family. I binge about three hours of news every night. Late at night I love to watch TV. Currently, I am binging Stranger Things and The Crown. And of course, Hallmark movies. Out in the world, I love to explore new restaurants, art museums and festivals, go to movies, and travel. Maybe I should ask when I find time to write!

What projects are you working on at the present?

I am completing my Beguiling Bachelor Series with the fourth book, Besotted, due out this summer. I am also putting the finishing touches on the first novella in my new B&B Billionaire Romance Series. The first of these, Desire & Dessert will come out this spring in a collection The Billionaire’s Club.

What do your plans for future projects include?

I have two more B&B Billionaire stories to write and then I want to explore historical romance a little bit. I am starting this month to blog four days per week instead of two – one dedicated specifically to Romance authors, three still aimed at readers. That should keep me busy all year and into 2019.

How many donuts are you capable of eating in one sitting?

OMG, I can answer this one but its embarrassing. I once sat in a two hour meeting and ate nine – yes you read that right – nine donuts! I wasn’t even aware I was doing it until I counted how many were left and realized what I had done. No one in the meeting said a word, but I am sure they all noticed.

How violently do you have to fight the urge to scream when you hear the ice cream truck coming?

No screaming – I just run out for ice cream.

What is your go-to method for getting rid of hiccups?

I hold my breath and say a Hail Mary. My roommate freshman year in college swore by this method and it usually does the trick. Of course, I am Jewish, so first she had to teach me a Hail Mary.

Do you have a favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

I love answering food questions Frozen, my favorite is a Thin Mint, at room temperature I prefer a Samoa.

Finally, and this one is important, so please pay attention What do you think cats dream about?

Food, like I do, and romping through fields of catnip.

This or That?

Dogs or Cats? Cats

Tea or Coffee? Both, depending on the time of day

Marvel or DC Comics? Marvel

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate

Bond or Bourne? Bond

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About the Book:

Can Love Transcend Time?

Thirty-year old Matthew Herrington is weary of solo nights in strange cities. He is ready for a change. And that is exactly what he gets when he steps into Swing Night at The Green Mill and is instantly immersed in the sights and sounds of another era. Intrigued by the club’s authenticity, Matthew is enchanted when he meets Patty, a mixture of sexy and sweet who steals his heart.

Patty Dennison has never met a man like Matthew in all her twenty-one years. A sophisticated man, he stands out from the usual Swing Night crowd. He is self-assured, smart, charming, and handsome as hell, even if he is a lousy dancer. Once he takes her in his arms, Patty is more than willing to give him a few dance lessons along with her heart.

Repeated missed dates and unanswered phone calls strain the relationship and frustrate the pair. But unraveling their mystery exposes an impossible scenario, one that will torment their sanity and test their love.

How can they make their fairytale last? Can love transcend time?



OLISHTS 1st Chap

A waitress came to take it off his hands. “Another?” she queried and he nodded agreement, placing a crumpled dollar on her tray. “Too much,” she told him shaking her head no. Matthew was surprised by her response but the tray was covered with loose change so he removed his bill and left the equivalent in quarters. Everything was so inexpensive but the server still needed to make a decent living.

She gave him a grateful smile and turned to move to her next customer, carefully balancing her tray above the heads of the young people around her. In the process, she nudged Matthew slightly causing him to lose his footing and fall gently against another body. Turning to apologize he found himself staring into the clearest, lightest blue eyes he had ever seen. He couldn’t look away.

“Sorry,” he mumbled when he finally regained his composure.

“That’s okay,” she replied with a quick, bright smile. She was lovely, in a wholesome girl next door way. She had her blond hair pulled into a ponytail that curled like a hair product ad, clear-skinned cheeks that were pink with warmth and perhaps exertion, and a curvy body displayed under a bright red sweater and a flared plaid skirt.

Matthew felt his mouth go dry and his palms get sweaty. She did something to him, this fresh faced woman that he found incredibly sexy. Her red lipstick was a slash of bright color mimicking the red of the sweater. Until this moment, bright red lipstick screamed “tough broad, stay away” to Matthew but on this girl it whispered “come hither.”

“Matthew,” he squeaked out, extending his hand to shake hers. Thinking twice about it, he retracted his arm, running his palm against his pants swiftly, and hopefully surreptitiously, before he extended his hand again.

“Patty,” she responded, placing her soft fingers in his large palm. She shook like a girl. After all the bone-breaking handshakes Matthew had endured across the globe, this limp, fingers-only shake surprised him. She looked athletic, not tough but toned, and not sickly pale like most Chicagoans in winter. The handshake didn’t match the image and normally would have bothered him. Nothing about Patty bothered him. Everything about her bothered him.

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madison michael author photo

Madison Michael is a chick-flick watching, smart-mouthed, shoe addict living her fantasy as a romance writer. Her mission is to create flawed, engaging, loveable characters readers want to know, placing them in wonderful settings and then adding a plot that allows them to grow, learn and fall madly in love. Maddy wants to introduce you to a better, richer version of her world – one with incredible wealth, indescribable beauty and the happiest of endings. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and resides in Chicago.

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An Interview with Private David Summers, protagonist of J.D.R. Hawkins’ The Renegade Series

An Interview with Private David Summers, protagonist of J.D.R. Hawkins’ The Renegade Series, including A Rebel Among Us. We are travelling back in time to September 1863. The country is in turmoil. Bloody carnage has swept across the nation. Everyone knows someone who has been lost to the terrible war.


David, tell us about yourself.

Well, I’m from Morgan County, Alabama, which ain’t too far from Huntsville. I grew up on my kinfolk’s farm with my ma, pa, and two younger sisters. My pa died at the Battle of Fredericksburg last December. So I decided to jine up last spring with General J.E.B. Stuart’s cavalry. My best friend, Jake, jined up with me, but he got killed at the Battle of Chancellorsville. My regiment was chosen to come up here to Pennsylvania. We fought at Gettysburg, and I lost a few friends. Reckon I’m mighty tired of war now, but I still want to see the South win so’s I can go back home.

How old are you?


What happened after the Battle of Gettysburg?

Somethin’ right strange. I was on picket duty when I came across a Yankee sentry. We shot at each other. I won. But he got a bead on me. My horse, Renegade, bolted and ran for miles. I couldn’t hold him because a rein was severed and I’d lost my footing out of the stirrup. He finally came across a farm and went inside the barn. By then, I was gettin’ dizzy and I fell out of the saddle. It wasn’t long before I heard voices comin’ from the farmhouse.

Then what happened?

I recall some girls comin’ to my aid. They carried me into the house. I’d been shot in the shoulder and stabbed in the leg, so they stitched me up. Before I blacked out, I heard them talkin’ ‘bout whether or not they should turn me in or let me die and feed me to the hogs.

How terrible! I’m glad to see that didn’t happen!

Me, too.

So, now you’ve been here for a couple of months. How is it working out?

Not so well. There’s a neighbor who’s a Yankee officer, and even though I ain’t met him yet, I ‘spect I will sooner or later. And then there are the sisters.

The sisters?

The three sisters who saved my life. The oldest one, Anna, well, she’s mighty sweet and purty, but her sister, Maggie, don’t take a cotton to me at all. And then there’s Abigail, the youngest. She and I git along like two peas in a pod.

But you are still a soldier. Do you plan to rejoin the Confederate cavalry?

I dunno. I mean, I have to wait and see. If the Southern army comes back up here, I might be inclined, but as it is now, I can’t travel south without riskin’ my capture. Besides that, Renegade was injured, too, so I’m waitin’ for him to heal.

And then there’s Anna.


It sounds like you’ve taken a liking to her. Do you want to stay on her account?

I wouldn’t mind it if Miss Anna took a likin’ to me. But I know her aunt and sisters won’t approve, and we keep debatin’ on who’s right and who’s wrong: the north or the south. Way I see it, the first chance I git, I’m fixin’ to head south.

It sounds like you’re facing quite a conflict. Anna and her family are committing treason by harboring you. At any moment, you could be captured, and you still have a desire to fight for the Southern cause, if I’m not mistaken. It seems you’ve gotten yourself into quite a dilemma.

Yeah. Reckon I have.

About the Book


David Summers never expected any of this… not in a million years. He thought for sure he was a goner.

After leaving Alabama and enlisting with the cavalry, his delusion of chivalry was suddenly quashed when he saw for himself the horrors of battle. Now, after being shot and ending up at a strange farmhouse, he’s found himself being nursed back to health by four beautiful girls, and has learned that his Confederate brethren have deserted him in Pennsylvania after fighting at Gettysburg. It’s more than he can fathom. On top of that, he’s been presented with an even bigger dilemma. He knows he’s falling in love with the older sister, Anna, and she has enticed him with an interesting proposition. However, her scheme goes against his principles, and the reasons why he enlisted in the first place – to avenge his father’s death and defend his sacred homeland.

To David’s dismay, he must make a decision. Should he stay and help Anna with her underhanded plan, deceiving everyone around him by pretending to be a Yankee? If discovered, he would be considered a traitor to the cause, and she could be in jeopardy of treason. Or should he leave the farm, say goodbye to her, and risk certain capture? Either way, his perilous situation doesn’t seem to offer an encouraging outcome. If that isn’t bad enough, Anna’s neighbor, a Union officer, is in love with her, too, and he would stop at nothing to have David arrested … or worse.


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About the Author

J.D.R. Hawkins

J.D.R. Hawkins is an award-winning author who has written for newspapers, magazines, newsletters, e-zines, and blogs. She is one of a few female Civil War authors, uniquely describing the front lines from a Confederate perspective.

Her Renegade Series includes A Beautiful Glittering Lie,  A Beckoning Hellfire, and A Rebel Among Us. All three novels are award winners, and tell the story of a family from north Alabama who experience immeasurable pain when their lives are dramatically changed by the war. Ms. Hawkins is a member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the International Women’s Writing Guild, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, and Pikes Peak Writers. She is also an artist and singer/songwriter. Ms. Hawkins is currently working on a nonfiction book about the War Between the States, as well as another sequel to her series.


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