Review Service


Would you like to get your book in the hands of readers to review, but don’t have the budget for Edelweiss or NetGalley?

Problem solved.

The Librarian Talks will match up your review copy or ARC with readers AND follow up to see that reviews are posted.  Each book signup will include an incentive for reviewers to provide the links to their review and the information will be passed on to the author or publicist.  In addition, reviewers who do not follow through will not be allowed to obtain a review copy again, in order to control the trolls and pirates.

We love Indie and Self-Published authors, and we think your books deserve the same exposure as traditionally published.  That’s why we offer this service, to help get the great reads out and promoted, and to offer a reasonably priced alternative to paying $200-$500 with the “big” review services.


How does this work?  You send TLT a pdf copy of your ARC or review copy, along with media assets, AND a date or date range for reviews, and where you want them posted. TLT posts the review opportunity on the website, and distributes on weekly email to reviewers. TLT will provide the reviewer with media assets that they may include in a blog or social media post.  TLT will provide an incentive for reviewers who post their review within the designated date range and provide links.  The review links will be forwarded to you for your own use.

How much does it cost? A WHOLE LOT LESS than NetGalley or Edelweiss!  The charge for review service for EACH BOOK (pre-release/new release) is $50.00 (USD).

Backlist or previously released books without the immediate need for reviews may be offered through the service for up to six months for $25.00.

How do I get started?  Just contact TLT at