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April 19, 2017

On May 9th, Author Valerie Clarizio is releasing the fifth book in the new and exciting multi-author branded series based in Chandler County Kentucky.  Her book is entitled, Missing The Crown Jewels.

Valerie agreed to introduce her favorite character to me and her reading audience. Thanks, Valerie for stopping by and sharing.

VC: My favorite character is Mason Starr, aka, Storm and here’s why!

Storm is an Army veteran trying to acclimate himself to civilian life and normal things. Life in general is not as he remembers from prior to joining the service. Storm is a man of few words and when he does speak he’s definitely worth listening to. His loyalty is second to none. He’s got a big heart and a lot of love to give, but he’s unsure as to how to do that in his present state of brokenness.

 ST: What is his most noticeable characteristic?

VC: His loyalty is second to none.

 ST: What quality does he like most in the opposite sex?

VC: Compassion, kindness, and loyalty.

 ST: Where and when was he happiest?

VC:  Until recently, he thought he was happiest when he was in the Army, but since letting his guard down and allowing himself to love Peyton Crown, he’s discovered he’s happiest now.

 ST: What personality trait does he admire most in a friend?

VC: “Loyalty. I didn’t get a lot of that as a kid.”

 ST: What is Storm’s biggest regret?

VC: Fighting his love for Peyton for as long as he did. He wasted so much time that he could have been spending with Peyton.

 ST: What is his favorite motto or expression?

VC: A job worth doing is a job worth doing well.

ST: What living person does Storm admire the most?

VC: His best friend Coach is who he admires most. He’s fought in battle with this man, and his friend’s devotion and trustworthiness is unsurpassed.

 ST: Who is Storm’s favorite fiction hero?

VC: Robin Hood. He has a soft spot for underdogs.

 ST: What is his most treasured possession?

VC: His crown jewel/true love, Peyton Crown.

 ST: What doe Storm like/enjoy/dislike most about Chandler County?

VC: Besides Peyton Crown, Storm loves the horses. Sassy Girl in particular. Sassy is a great horse and good listener. She understands him and has helped him to acclimate to civilian life.


After a devastating divorce, Peyton Crown is finally surfacing from a dark hole of despair. She finds herself hoping for a new life with Mason ‘Storm’ Starr, her brother’s best friend. Storm’s intent is simple: hide in the quiet confines of his best friend’s family horse ranch in Kentucky. The perfect place to sort out his life after walking away from the Army, and fight his internal demons. His solitude is interrupted by his buddy’s little sister. The chemistry between them is off the charts, and he willing surrenders the battle. The Crown family begins receiving threats, just weeks before the Kentucky Derby. The overprotective men in Peyton’s life vow to keep 24/7 tabs on her and the family’s prize horse—Prince Bourbonville—a hopeful for the next Triple Crown. Circumstances arise that threaten to keep Peyton and Prince away from the derby, but Storm and her brother Coach are determined they’ll attend, no matter the sacrifice.

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Valerie Clarizio lives in romantic Door County Wisconsin with her husband and two extremely spoiled cats. She loves to read, write, and spend time at her cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

She’s lived her life surrounded by men, three brothers, a husband, and a male Siamese cat who required his own instruction manual. Keeping up with all the men in her life has turned her into an outdoors enthusiast, of which her favorite activity is hiking in national parks. While out on the trails, she has plenty of time to conjure up irresistible characters and unique story lines for her next romantic suspense or sweet contemporary romance novel.

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Key Words:  Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Steamy, Military, Horses, Horse Ranch


Romantic Suspense

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THE TRAIL TO LOVE A new release from Tina Susedik, that you don’t want to miss! Historical Western Romance

Plotting The Trail to Love with Alli & Emmi

by Tina Susedik

Last year I was approached by Char Chaffin and Cheryl Yeko to be part of their new project with Soul Mate Publishing. Called “The Soul Mate Tree.” It involves an old, ancient tree that appears to someone who is at their deepest, darkest part of their life. Here is the poem they created:
I am old, I am ancient, my purpose is clear
To give those who are needy a treasure so dear.
They who come to my roots, touch my bark, stroke my leaves
Find the soul of their lives if they but believe.
When I call and you listen, your prize will be great
If your heart remains open and you don’t hesitate.
Do you yearn? Be you lonely? Is your time yet at hand?
Reach for me and I’ll give to you. I’m yours to command.
For your trust, for your faith, keep my secrets untold
And I’ll gift you forever, to have and to hold.

I was incredibly excited to be part of this adventure. They chose thirteen of their authors. Each of us could write in any time period, any genre. Each month from January 2017 to January 2018, one book would be released. The Trail to Love is being released on April 12th.
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A few days after being contacted by Char and Cheryl, I was watching my grandkids. I told them about this new project and how I needed to figure out what I wanted to write. I had never written a western or an historical, so I mentioned that to the girls, Alli, then eleven, and Emmi, then eight.
Alli was in sixth grade and yelled out: “The Oregon Trail. You need to have your characters go from Independence, Missouri to Oregon City, Oregon.” I figured they must have been studying the Oregon Trail in school for her to jump on this.
For the next few hours those two little stinkers decided on my characters, plotted the book, researched horses, dogs, and clothing – and took notes. Emmi researched the clothing and found all these beautiful dresses from the 1850’s. (The story is set in 1859). I had to explain to her what it was like for the people on the Oregon Trail. It only took her a few minutes to find other clothing.
Here is a note Emmi (third grade) wrote – and I’m writing it exactly as she wrote it: “Sarah’sded husband, peter Nickelson, he died of rasing and the horesnockted him of and he brock his knek.” This was her idea and included her twisting her neck and making a broken neck sound. And – this is exactly how I had Sarah’s husband die.
I had so much fun listening to these two create my story. I have all their hand-written notes – which I’ll never, ever get rid of. At one point, I let Alli read some of the story and she said, “It reads just like a movie!” Man, I love that little girl.
I have dedicated The Trail to Love to Alli and Emmi, but unfortunately, since they are now only thirteen and ten, they can’t read it because of the love scenes. Someday, I’d love to be a fly on the wall when they are old enough and realize what Grandma writes.

Author Stephany Tullis Shares Why Aquino is Her Favorite

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 I will be releasing the first of six books in the new and exciting multi-author branded series based in Chandler County Kentucky. My book is entitled Missing Pieces. 

I’m interviewing my favorite character today in anticipation that you might enjoy getting to know him. It was hard for me to choose only one of my characters as each is unique and contributes greatly to my overall story. Note that my favorite presented the biggest challenge to me as a writer and perhaps that is why he is so special to me.

Perhaps when you read the justification for my selection and read my book, you will agree with my choice. We’ll see.

ME: My favorite character is Jairo Aquino, aka, Azul and if he really likes you he will allow you to call him Blue. 

I like Blue (notice I call him Blue) because first of all, he is extremely handsome and very tall, so what’s not to like? Secondly, he personifies the mysterious. I like that most people try to figure out who he is and more importantly, what he’s up to before they even know him. No one seems to want to take him at face value. If they only knew, he is what he appears to be–deeply mysterious and complex.

Q: What is Blue’s most noticeable characteristic?

ANS: His hair. It’s thick and slick. In my opinion, his hair is reflective of his personality–uncontrollable, yet precise. Although he wears his hair long on top, his sides are shaped to taper into his beard. His piercing midnight blue eyes are said to be ‘bewitching’. Having thought about it, perhaps both his hair and his eyes make for his attention getting good looks, i.e. his most noticeable characteristics.

Q: What quality does Blue like most in the opposite sex?

ANS: Good looks. Dark hair. Tall, with long legs. Unfortunately, his past has taught him that these qualities alone don’t offer much more than a good night or two, if he’s lucky. Surprisingly, he doesn’t seem to be searching for these same qualities in Chandlerville.

Q: If Blue could change one thing about him/herself, what would it be and why?

ANS: His lack of trust and suspicious nature about people. He believes he developed this characteristic because everyone he has every trusted has bailed out on him, leaving him holding the bag and/or alone. He admits to himself that he feels a jealous twinge when he sees a happy go lucky couple strolling across a beach and an even bigger twinge when that same happy couple is splashed by their couple of kids who precede them on their early morning walk. Sometimes he thinks if he could trust just one person, he might have a chance at happiness.

Q: Where and when was Blue the happiest?

ANS: ? Blue doesn’t recall a time in his life when he was truly happy. He believes he will be happy when he succeeds on his planned business investments in Chandler County. Happiness equals money which dictates status; i.e. success.

ST: What is Blue’s most prized possession? 

ANS: His buddy and best friend Cuba, a chocolate, blue eyed great Dane. Blue feels he can be himself when with Cuba and besides their unusual colored eyes, he feels they have a lot in common. Cuba understands him. He views Cuba as his not so silent partner. They trust each other. Blue would never regard Cuba as a possession and would be quick to let someone who dared to call or treat him as such not to make the mistake again.

Q: What is Blue’s  favorite motto or expression?

ANS: ‘Seize the Day’ a quote from Homer that has driven his life style. Blue believes, develops a plan and then acts. He’s never regretted acting on a decision he’s made because his philosophy is that it is better to act and make a mistake rather than not to act at all. Rachel Blakely, the one and only long-legged pretty Chandlerville lady to catch his eye is not at all impressed with his seize the day mentality.

Q: What  does Blue like/enjoy/dislike most about Chandler County?

ANS: Blue can’t make up his mind about Chandler County and, in particular, Chandlerville, because he’s always lived in big cities, most recently Miami. But the laid back, small town life style has calmed his usually high strung disposition. Cuba loves running free and digging in the dirt without anyone caring. Sometimes when Blue least expects it, a nagging thought surfaces. Can the success he expects to find in Chandlerville possess the other missing pieces from his life? Love, trust, relationship and success might just be a package deal.


The partnership she’s petrified to refuse and afraid to accept

As Chandlerville prepares for a series of local celebrations in honor of the annual Kentucky Derby in nearby Louisville, Kentucky, chaos ensues threatening to cancel the town’s festivities. Rachel Blakely’s (editor of the Chandler County Chronicles), partnership with ex-NYC socialite, AJ Manning crumbles in the midst of their planning for the town’s Derby-related activities. AJ is the mayor’s wife and Rachel discovers that Fitzgerald Manning, the mayor’s father, has close ties to an unidentified conglomerate of farm investors who may be coercing local farmers to sell their land.

Jairo Aquino, aka Blue, a handsomely, mysterious newcomer is trusted by no one and appears to have an investment scheme of his own. Arriving in Chandler County from Miami, Florida, Aquino has decided to put Chandler County on the map. “His plan was air tight. He just had to find a few missing pieces.” Rachel and Blue continue to cross paths until they reach a point of no return where they accept they can no longer ignore the sizzle of their interactions and their constricted heart strings that cause them to question the true nature of their relationship.  

      Can she trust him? Does he possess the answer key? 
            Or just the key to her heart?

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In my world, there is no life without writing, traveling, family, music and my love of politics. My loves and interests are central to my writing.

I published my first novel The Master’s Plan, A Novel in November 2013 (Edition 3 issued in 2016) and my first Christmas novel, 48 Hours ‘Til Christmas, in November 2014. In 2015, I released Love, Peace & Joy: 3 Short Stories.

BLUE LADY (a short story) published in February 2015 launched my first series, The Angelica Mason Series. The first full installment in this series, entitled BLUE LADY’S Sweet Dreams was released July 2016 to be followed by BLUE LADY’S Mission Impossible in 2018.

In June 2016, I launched my second series (B.B.B.) with a novella entitled, Beach Baby Blues (part of an 11 author Beach Anthology, Stories of Sun, Sand and Sea). I hope to publish the sequel in this new series, entitled, Baby Boomer Blues by July 2017.

The sequel to The Master’s Plan, entitled, Forgive, Forgotten, Forever is scheduled for release in the Fall of 2017.

I am pleased to partner with my friend and fellow author, PJ Fiala to sponsor the Chandler County multi-branded author series and will soon be releasing two books in this series. Missing Pieces is currently on pre-order with an April 11th 2017 release date and my second book in this new series is entitled Missing Chances and will be released in November 2017. Nine other authors will publish their books in this exciting endeavor during 2017. All books are based on our fictional towns, Chandlerville and Bourbonville Kentucky, ‘where the unbridled spirit of romance roams’.

I live in Georgia with my family where I continue to write professionally and have published on as Atlanta’s Society and Culture Examiner and in various health related peer review journals.


#Romantic Suspense #Small Town Romance #Romance #Kentucky


USA Today Best Selling Author Jacquie Biggar’s Favorite Character

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On April 25th, USA Today Best Selling Author, Jacquie Biggar is releasing another of the books in the new and exciting multi-author branded series based in Chandler County Kentucky.  Her book is entitled Missing: The Lady Said No.

I asked Jacquie to introduce her favorite character to me and her reading audience. As you may know by now, Chandler County is a romantic suspense series. So I asked Jacquie  to tell us what’s so special about her favorite character and why! Thanks, Jacquie for stopping by and sharing.

JB: My favorite character is Augustus (Gus) Grant and here’s why!

He’s a 1950’s detective I fashioned after one of my favorite TV shows, Columbo. Gus is a bit klutzy, a geek, and not your normal hero. But, he’s smart, kind, and endearing. Gus runs into an old girlfriend when he’s assigned the case of a murder in his home area of Chandler County.

NOTE: Gus likes to take the lead and insisted on answering my questions himself. Go for it Gus!

ST: What is your most noticeable characteristic?

GUS: (He grins.) “My habit of tapping my fingers while thinking. It annoys the heck out of most people.”

ST: What quality do you like most in the opposite sex?

GUS: “That’s easy. Fidelity. My first wife liked to, shall we say, play the field. She and I were a mistake. If only I’d known then that a relationship involves so much more than hormones.” (His eyes take on a far-away expression.) “That’s the difference with Becky, Rebecca Hayes. She’s faithful to those she cares about. It’s not in her nature to deliberately hurt anyone. She’s a special lady.”

ST: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why?

GUS: “I would change my need for success.” (He taps his fingers, notices what he’s doing and quits, fisting his hand in his lap.) “I come from a family where second-best was never good enough. I always felt like I had to do better and it cost me the love of my life.” (He frowned and shook his head.) “You know the saying, hindsight is twenty-twenty? In my case that’s never been truer.” 

ST: Where and when were you the happiest?

GUS:  “I invited Becky to the county fair. She wore the prettiest white dress with red roses on the skirt. She told me she’d made it herself. I took her dancing in that dress and it was pure magic.” (A reminiscent light enters his eyes.)

ST: What personality trait do you admire most in a friend?

GUS: “Loyalty. I didn’t get a lot of that as a kid.”

ST: What is your biggest regret?

GUS: (He rubs his chin.) “Walking away from Becky. I could have handled the whole thing better. I’m not very proud of my behavior.” He looks me in the eye. “I just hope she’ll give me a second chance, ya know?” 

ST: What is your favorite motto or expression?

GUS: (He smiles.) “I like to put people at their ease when I interview them and then, just when they think they’re getting off scot-free, I say ‘Pardon me, ma’am, there’s just one more thing.’ Get’s them every time.

ST: What is your greatest extravagance?

GUS: “Hmm, I’d have to say my ’52 Buick.” (He leans forward and places his elbow on the desk.) “She’s a beaut. I’ll take you for a drive sometime. Once you go for a cruise in a Buick, you’re ruined for any other car, trust me.”

ST: What is your most treasured possession?

GUS: (He pulls his badge from the inside pocket of his trench coat and holds it up for me to duly admire.) “Isn’t it a beaut? This says I’m someone, you know? I made something of myself. Something I can hold my head up for.”

ST: What do you like/enjoy/dislike most about Chandler County?

GUS: (He sits back, crosses his arms.) “It’s the same answer either way. I like the closeness of the community and how everyone has your back. At the same time I can’t say I like how everyone knows your business. It’s a catch-twenty.” He shrugs.


The Race is on to find a Killer in the heart of Kentucky horse country

Detective Augustus Grant is faced with his most baffling case to date. Well-respected race horse breeder, John Jorgenson, is murdered in his den days before the Kentucky Derby and the list of suspects is growing.

Complicating matters, Gus’ ex-girlfriend is the last person to have seen the victim alive.

Rebecca Hayes owes the Jorgenson family her loyalty. They gave her a new life after a disastrous affair leaves her alone and pregnant.

With all the evidence pointing in Becky’s direction, will Gus do his duty?

Or follow his heart?

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JACQUIE BIGGAR  is a USA Today bestselling author of Romantic Suspense who loves to write about tough, alpha males who know what they want, that is until they’re gob-smacked by heroines who are strong, contemporary women willing to show them what they really need is love.

She is the author of the popular Wounded Hearts series and has just started a new series in paranormal suspense, Mended Souls.

She has been blessed with a long, happy marriage and enjoys writing romance novels that end with happily-ever-after’s.

Jacquie lives in paradise along the west coast of Canada with her family and loves reading, writing, and flower gardening. She swears she can’t function without coffee, preferably at the beach with her sweetheart. 🙂


Free reads, excerpts, author news, and contests can be found on her


You can follow her on:

Or email her via her web site. Jacquie lives on Vancouver Island with her husband and loves to hear from readers all over the world!

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Romantic Suspense

Small Town Romance


Author Debbie White Gives Readers the Scoop

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 On May 16th, Author Debbie White is releasing another of the books in the new and exciting multi-author branded series based in Chandler County Kentucky.  Her book is entitled The Missing Ingredient.

I asked Debbie to introduce her favorite character to me and her reading audience. I’m thankful she did and I’m excited to introduce him to you. As you may know by now, Chandler County is a romantic suspense series. So I asked Debbie to give us a heads up on her Missing Ingredients. Thanks, Debbie for stopping by and sharing.

DW: My favorite character is Kari Brinks and here’s why!

She’s strong and independent for one and despite her situation; she digs deep and becomes a survivor instead of a victim of her circumstances.

ST: What is Kari’s most noticeable characteristic?

DW: Her loyalty to not only the people in her life but also to anything she undertakes.

ST: What quality does Kari like most in the opposite sex?

DW: Trust.

ST: If Kari could change one thing about herself, what would it be and why?

DW: She loves to eat, and like many women, she tends to gain a few pounds, so she wishes she had a faster metabolism!

ST: Where and when was Kari the happiest?

DW: Oh wow. Kari has had many happy moments, but one that especially stands out for her is when Jeff presents her with a special gift.

ST: What personality trait does Kari admire most in a friend?

DW: Their ability to sympathize and be compassionate.

ST: What is Kari’s biggest regret?

DW: That she didn’t have any children. But there’s time still…

ST: What is Kari’s most treasured possession?

DW: The Mint Julep!

Kari appears to be such a special person and someone who would make a ‘BFF. I wonder if I’m right. Guess, I’ll have to find out for myself when I read The Missing Ingredient.


He may have broken her heart, but Kari is a survivor.

Kari leaves in a hurry. She has no idea where she is going—she just knows it has to be far away from Eddie. When an advertisement for the Kentucky Derby pops up on her Google search, something about Louisville and the surrounding area intrigues her. She settles on Lexington as her final destination.

Tired from her long journey, an exhausted Kari stops in Bourbonville for just an overnight stay. But after a burger and a slice of pie at Sadie’s, a diner with décor reminiscent of the 50s, Kari makes a split-second decision to stick around.

She settles into her new town becoming one of Bourbonville’s newest entrepreneurs featuring her exemplary culinary skills.

Jeff has never been quite so bold before. But a little voice in his head tells him to speak to her. He doesn’t know for sure, but his military training leads him to believe she’s running from something. He’s running from something, too.

It’s not long before Kari realizes the Derby isn’t the only race in town with high stakes and her bet is on Jefferson Davies, the owner/operator of Jeff’s Marketplace. Can these two come together and mend their broken hearts while restoring their faith in love, or will it become a recipe for disaster?

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Debbie currently lives in California with her husband and two rescue dachshunds, Dash and Briar. When she’s not writing, she’s working in her garden, riding on the back of a motorcycle touring the beautiful wine country they call home or enjoying a glass of wine looking at the awesome views of the valley dotted with vineyards. She’s an avid supporter of animal rescue and donates a percentage of all book sales to animal rescue groups. When you purchase one of Debbie’s books, you’re also helping to provide food, toys, and shelter to a furry pet while they await their forever home.

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KEY WORDS : #Contemporary Romance #Strong Women #Second Chance Romance #Small Town Romance #Inspirational Romance #Military Romance #Military Hero

Author Traci Wooden-Carlise Tells it Like it is!

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On May 2nd Author Traci Wooden-Carlisle is releasing another of the books in the new and exciting multi-author branded series based in Chandler County Kentucky.  Her book is entitled Missing Destiny.

I asked Traci to introduce her favorite character to me and her reading audience. I’m thankful she did and I’m excited to introduce him to you. As you may know by now, Chandler County is a romantic suspense series. So I asked Traci to tell it like it is! Thanks, Traci for stopping by and sharing.

TWC: My favorite character is Robin ‘Zach’ Mobley, aka, Zach and here’s why!

Zach has so many layers and is wonderfully complex. At 37, he has convinced himself that he has lived the best of his life already and now only seeks contentment. His love for God and nature give him a peace he is content to live with for the rest of his life.  I love that I come into his story before he’s ready to love again. The struggle is bittersweet.

ST: What is Zach’s most noticeable characteristic?

TWC: Everyone knows about Zach and his family, but no one really knows him because he keeps people at a distance. He is cordial and willing to help when asked, but otherwise, he remains on the sidelines looking for ways to become invisible. He’s aloof.

ST: What quality does Zach like most in the opposite sex?

TWC: Zach’s Kryptonite (he would call it that) is a highly intellectual woman with a love for animals.

 ST: If Zach could change one thing about him/herself, what would it be and why?

TWC: If he could go back in time and warn himself about working too much and planning for a future that may not come to pass he would.

 ST: Where and when was Zach the happiest?

TWC: For Zach, this answer is a bit of a conundrum. He could say he was happiest before his wife and child died, but today he also sees that he practically worked through his life and visited his wife and child on the side. Now, the work that he does feeds his soul which leaves him feeling content. It’s the strongest emotion he wants to feel.

 ST: What personality trait does Zach admire most in a friend?

TWC: Zach likes the fact that he and Jeff Davies can be in each other’s presence for a half an hour or more without talking. His company was comfortable.

 ST: What is Zach’s biggest regret?

TWC: He regrets that he didn’t take the time to enjoy his family while he could.

 ST: What is Zach’s favorite motto or expression?

TWC: “Contentment is a goal worth pursuing”.

 ST: What is Zach’s greatest extravagance?

TWC: Zach’s greatest extravagance is his horse Fallyn, a 17-year-old Morgan with a great deal of spirit.

ST: What  does Zach like/enjoy/dislike most about Chandler County?

TWC: Zach likes the fact that very little in Chandler reminds him of his life in New York. He really enjoys going for a ride on Fallyn to the ridge overlooking the ranch at sunset. He dislikes the fact that everyone knows about his life because it’s such a small town, but he is grateful no one has approached him about it.

 I feel as though I know Zach and can’t wait to read more about his destiny and where it leads in Missing Destiny.


 Shauna Nathan has a stalker so leaving her orderly and predictable life for a while is imperative to her safety and her family’s peace of mind. She’s established in her field of chemical engineering and resents what she considers this pause in her life while her father’s security firm finds the man that has been making her life a living hell. Given no choice but to leave town, she visits a college friend in Chandlerville hoping it is the last place the man who’s been following her will look.

 Zach Mobley grew up in Bourbonville with one goal; to leave the town and the stigma of his childhood behind. He was tired of the sympathetic looks some of the town people gave him after his mother left, and the knowing looks the rest gave him when his dad took to drinking.

He moved to New York, had a successful career in finance, a beautiful wife and daughter one day and the next it was all gone. He came back to Chandlerville to come to terms with his loss and find a modicum of peace as a ranch hand- turned therapist at Murphy’s Equestrian Therapy Center. He’s learned to be content living alone until Shauna walks in his life and makes him want more.

 The battle of wills begin as these two very independent-minded people fight against their attraction for one another, but when Shauna’s stalker arrives in town Zach is introduced to the more fragile side of his strong-willed client.

Will he lower his defenses enough to risk heartbreak again or will he hold onto the sense of peace he’s worked so hard to regain?

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 ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Traci Wooden-Carlisle began writing poetry and short stories as soon as she was able to form words on paper. She used that as a way to creating worlds, as well as, to communicate with God. A native of Los Angeles, California, she grew up attending United Methodist Church under the leadership of a pastor whose heart was for youth. Once she finished college at she found herself at a loss. She felt caught in the transition between childhood and adulthood. She surrounded herself with saints and volunteered her services as a graphic artist. Through the early-morning prayer, all night Friday prayer and 3-day shut-ins she started on her journey toward her most desired gift, an intimate relationship with God.

Today, Mrs. Wooden-Carlisle lives in San Diego with her husband, David Carlisle. When she isn’t writing, she teaches fitness classes and runs a jewelry and craft business.

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Author PJ Fiala Tells it All!

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On April 18th, PJ Fiala is releasing one of the first books in the new and exciting multi-author branded series based in Chandler County Kentucky.  The book is entitled Missing the Point.

I asked PJ to introduce her favorite character to me and her reading audience. I’m thankful she did and I’m excited to introduce him to you. Since Chandler County is a romantic suspense series, I asked PJ to tell it like it is! Thank you PJ for stopping by and sharing

PJ: My favorite character is Sam McKenzie and here’s why!

Sam McKenzie is a 6’2” handsome man with dark hair and dark eyes.  He’s even tempered, thoughtful, loves his dog and his family and friends.  He’s served his country in the US Army for more than 25 years.  During that time he was deployed three times, made many friends, learned a lot about many things, especially security and had his heart broken.  Rather than turning into an ass, he set his mind to building a security business with three of his friends and making a nice life for himself.  He just bought his first house, spends his free time remodeling it and tossing the ball for his Belgian Malinois, Ammo.  All of this is why he’s my favorite character.  He’s honorable, forthright, tried and true.  On top of that, he’s smoking hot.  Who wouldn’t love a man like that, right?

 ST: What is Sam’s most noticeable characteristic?

PJ: He has dimples and they are sexy. Tall dark and handsome with dimples. Yum.

 ST: What quality does Sam like most in the opposite sex?

PJ: He likes a woman who is smart and who is faithful. Honest in her word and deed. Since both he and his best friend, Levi, had past relationships of cheating, it’s the quality that means the most to him.

 ST: What personality trait does Sam admire most in a friend?

PJ: He admires his friends most when they are honest with him.  A true friend will tell you when you’re making a mistake or going down the wrong path.  It’s hard to do and therefore, he respects those around him the most who will steer him in the right direction.

 ST: What is Sam’s biggest regret?

PJ: Hindsight is always 20/20 isn’t it?  Back when Sam was in the Army, he dated a woman, Brenda, for two years.  She seemed like a straight shooter and she was also in the Army.  They managed to stay together during a base move, which is hard.  There is no guarantee that you can have your significant other move with you when you are re-stationed.  But, the fact that Brenda made some changes to follow Sam made his heart swell.  He thought she was the one.  Then, he found a love note in her ruck sack from a fellow soldier, whom she was also seeing for about as long as she had been with Mac.  He was devastated.  His biggest regret was not seeing the signs that she wasn’t faithful.  It would have saved him a lot of heartache in the end.

 ST: What living person does Sam admire the most?

PJ: That would be his best friend, Levi.  Sam’s father passed away many years ago.  He and Levi went to high school together and then enlisted in the Army together.  They were stationed together for most of that time.  Even when they weren’t stationed together, they maintained contact and saw each other when they could. 

 ST: What is Sam’s most treasured possession?

PJ: Ammo, his dog is his most treasured possession.  He dreamed of having his own home and his own dog while he was schlepping from base to base.  Finally being able to have that home and a pup of his own, he idolizes his furry friend. 

 ST: What does Sam like/enjoy/dislike  most about Chandler County?

PJ: He likes the small town.  He’s from a very small town about two hours south of Bourbonville.  It reminds him of home.  He loves that there is a certain neighborliness to everyone knowing your name.  What he dislikes is the lack of certain amenities.  A fitness center being one of them.

 Sam seems like such a great guy and I can’t to read his story and where he’s heading in Missing the Point.


Sam McKenzie has everything he needs in his professional life.  Bluegrass Security is going strong, he just purchased a home for the first time in his life, he even got himself a dog.  Personally, however, life was a bit unsettled. His growing crush on Stevie Jorgenson was unrequited – he just didn’t know why. She seemed to enjoy spending time with him, he’d caught her staring more than once, but yet, she seemed wary to take it to the next level.

 Stevie Jorgenson had worked her entire life trying to step from the shadow of her wealthy family, including the family horse business. Excelling at the police academy and then making detective in Chandler County had been hard work. Now, her growing attraction to Sam McKenzie was beginning to shade her with its shadow. The trouble was his biggest client was her father’s rival in business and that could make things messy. The other issue was his client was also a dirty dealer and she had to uphold the law.  How can they make it on opposite sides of the track?   

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